So It Begins…

I’ve opened up a new blog that I’m calling, obviously, Coreyartus Cartography.  It’s going to be a collection of my mapmaking efforts for the RPGs that I play.  I’ve joined the forums at, and my modest Photoshop skills are itching to create.  I’ve been looking for a way to delve into my artistic side, and I think the structure of map-making might be what I need.

I’m posting some pics below of what I’ve done thus far.  These are just my own works which I’ve adapted from maps in the back of some D&D mods that I’ve DM’d.  Isn’t that how it starts?  Making maps for your games?  I’m really enjoying it.

DDEX2-8 Outer Tomb

I did this one because there was no map in the back of the book, and the description was a bit complicated.  I needed something because I didn’t want to take the time to draw it on my battle mat with wet erase markers…  I printed it out using a program called Posterazor where it segmented it into pieces that I was able to tape together.  It turned out to be quite a large map when all was said and done, especially when each square of the grid needed to be an inch big…  But it worked!  And I’m happy with the process.  🙂

I plan on putting up more of my work as I complete it.  the Cartographer’s Guild forums are full of incredible examples of beautiful map work.  I recognize many of the posters as cartographers I admire.  Their work is incredible and very inspiring.  There are so many tutorials for a wide variety of programs.  I’ve only been able to scratch the surface of what they offer.  Their monthly challenges are fantastic as a resource by themselves…

Do yourself a favor and head over there.

Until next time!


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