New Items on Dungeon Masters Guild

So I actually did it.  Quite a while ago in fact, and I am just now getting around to posting about it.

I’ve made some things available on Dungeon Masters Guild.

The first item I’ve put up there is a supplement called Amber Waves of Grain featuring my map of Goldenfields in the Forgotten Realms setting for use with Wizard’s of the Coast’s Princes of the Apocalypse.

It took a while, and I needed the assistance of my husband Jonathan to get the PDF layout and formatting looking polished and professional.  I haven’t made a fortune (I posted it back in February, I think) but anything has been better than a stick in the eye.  Since then, I’ve managed to create some graphics and other material that I’m hoping will take off eventually.

But until then:

From the item description:

“Here’s a new map of Goldenfields, the Breadbasket of the North, with supplementary material to inspire your adventures among the farmers!  Intended for use in conjunction with Princes of the Apocalypse™, it contains an original map of Goldenfields that can be printed 3 different ways (with hex versions!), a 16-page booklet guide of descriptions for the entire facility and operating structure, and mentions a few key NPCs.  It also contains adventure seeds and plot ideas for how you can use the material to jump-start developing your own adventures, and a few thoughts on dovetailing it into campaigns based on both Tyranny of Dragons™ and Rage of Demons™. 

The highly detailed map comes in 6 different versions:

     • A letter-sized image

     • A letter-sized image with a hex grid

     • A poster-sized map that can be printed at large scale

     • A poster-sized map with a hex grid that can be printed at large scale

     • A 20-page print-and-assemble-at-home version that can be printed on your own home printer resulting in a 32″ x 51″ poster

     • Another 20-page print-and-assemble version with a hex grid that can be printed on your own home printer resulting in a 32″ x 51″ poster

The 16-page guide contains descriptions of various hamlets around the collectivized farming facility, plot threads to expand on for your own adventures, and explanations of just exactly how Goldenfields can be the largest operating farm on Faerün!

This variant supplement is intended for those DMs who like to have resources without being railroaded, who like to flesh out scenarios themselves and even incorporate the unique and unusual monsters they’ve discovered or created on their own.  This material is suitable for all levels and PCs, and offers story seeds that can keep your players busy for several adventures, as well as keep them coming back as they play other Wizards of the Coast published adventures.”



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